Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who Is Jesus Christ, peace be upon him

In the name of God, most gracious most merciful

peace be with you all

Most people in the world have known Jesus Christ, the majority of the Christians say that Jesus is the son of God. Some of them say that Jesus Christ is the prophet and messenger of God. The Muslims also believe in Jesus the Messiah/Christ/al Masih (means: the anointed one). His mother is Mary/Maryam/Maria, she was a pious lady and dedicated her life only for worshiping Allah in Jerusalem.

Who is Jesus???

I saw many people painting Jesus' pictures, some painted him as a blond, blue eyed, like the Germans or British. The people in Africa painted Jesus as a black man. The Native Americans painted him as a Native American. But we have to know that Jesus is a SEMITE. Semites are pthe people who now the Arabs and pure Jewish blooded. They are Semites. So we can say that Jesus is a Semite because he is a descent of Abraham (Prophet Ibrahim) and also Muhammad and the Arabs. And there are three semitic languages: Arabic, Hebrew, and Aramaic (language of Jesus al Masih).

Jesus looks like???
No one knows exactly how Jesus the messiah looks like. But we can't say that Jesus is a blond and blue eyed or black. He is a Semite, so he must look like the other Semites, Arab and pure blooded Jews.

Pine or Evergreen tree for Christmas??? You jokin'!!!

where was Jesus born?
Jesus peace be upon him was born in the area which is now Palestine, there are deserts, mountain of sand, hot, lack of water. Do you get evergreen trees there??? So, why do you get evergreen in your house in every 25th of December???

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and peace be with you all

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